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On-The-Go Makeup Must Haves

We've all been there trying to put our favourite beauty products in out bag for a busy day and before we know it we need to start using a suitcase to carry it all

Here our some of our favorite products that we can carry round all day without the need for an extra bag.

A powder foundation like Jane Iredale PurePressed base powder is a wonderful versatile product that will act as both a foundation and concealer while leaving a flawless finish and protecting your skin from those harmful rays with it's SPF 20, what more could you really ask for from a powder.

Blush is a makeup bag must have especially in the summer months and here at Luxé we are loving the Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush which leaves you feeling luminous and glowing from within.

Adding mascara is the perfect way to jazz up and look if it's to top up what you applied this morning or even to pop on after work to change your look carrying some Lash Perfect Black Mascara will have you always feeling fabulous.

A brown eye pencil goes great in many makeup bag and is an excellent space saver as not only can it be used to top up your liner but also to fill in your brows making sure you stay on top of your complete look during the summer months.

What makeup bag is complete without a couple of shades of lipstick perfect preventing your lips drying out in the hot weather and changing the shade can be the perfect way of changing a day look to a night look.

If you are looking for some products to complete your collection why not check out our online shop where we have a range of products.

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